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Expanding the thumnails:

  • Click a thumbnail to expand the image.
  • Click the expanded image to close.
Navigating through the images:
  • Use the control bar at the top of each expanded image to select the 'next' & 'previous' images.
  • Whilst an image is expanded you can also use the 'left' & 'right' keyboard arrow keys for the 'next' & 'previous' images.
  • Moving the cursor outside the current expanded photograph will reveal the top right corner under the Control Bar.

If the Control Bar, at the top of the expanded images, is not present or displays intermittently a setting may be incorrectly configured in your Internet Explorer. The following steps will guide you through rectifying this.

  1. From the Menu Bar, in Internet Explorer, select Tools
  2. In the menu that has just opened click Internet Options
  3. A panel with the title Internet Options will open
  4. In this panel click on the General tab
  5. Under the General tab & in the section titled Temporary Internet Files, click on Settings
  6. (Almost there!)
  7. In the Settings panel, which has just opened & under Check For Newer Versions Of Stored Pages, make sure the button next to Automatically is selected
  8. Click OK in the Settings panel
  9. Click OK in the Internet Options panel
  10. All done!
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