Much Ado About Nothing
7 - 10 December 1977
Original Magazine Supplied By Alan Hudson
Much Ado is one of Shakespeare's easiest plays to understand and enjoy. There is no deep, hidden meaning, though I'm sure you can invent one if you feel it necessary. (How about : “Never try to do the Conga sitting in a wheelchair unless you've taken a crash course in skidding?!) In short, the play was written to be enjoyed and to -make people laugh.

Our dynamic duo directors have decided to act the play in Sicily in the 1920s. (You know : big hats and pin-stripe suits). This idea - (a) - makes an interesting change, enabling us to make use of some post-Shakespearian ideas and inventions, such as proper English; (b) does not alter the meaning, or ruin the plot; and (c) means that the actors don't have to prance around in tights.

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