Fr. Aloysius

The official meetings of the CHESS CLUB have been held during, the term on Mondays (seniors) and Fridays (juniors), after school. Competition has been keen, particularly in the lower Forms, and the standard there is high, becoming higher. There are Form competitions in progress and these should be completed by the time you read this. Results to date:

1B: First Round winners: Cleary, Rossi, Gray, Stratton, Tweedy, Grandi, Killarney, Sinclair, French, O’Malley, Cooney (bye)
  Second Round (winners names first) Sinclair v Gray; O’Malley v Stratton; Tweedy v Killarney;
French v Cooney; Rossi v Cleary;
  Third Round: + Grandi (bye) +Rossi v Tweedy; O’Malley v Grandi
  Semi Finals: (to be played) Rossi v Sinclair; French v O’Malley
1A: First Round winners: Arduino, Williams, O’Gorman, O’Callaghan, Miller, Cook,
Moore (bye)
  Second Round (winners names first) Moore v Williams; O’Callaghan v O’Gorman; Arduino v Miller; Cook (bye).
  First Demi-Final: Moore defeated O’Callaghan.
Form II: First Round Winners: Greenwood, Crehan, Graham, Madden, Bryson, Makin, Parkinson, Cryan, Knight, Harris, Whelan, Kemp. O’Brien (bye).
  Second Round (Winners names first) Knight v Madden; Graham v Bryson; Harris v Greenwood;
Crehan v O’Brien. Whelan v Kemp; Parkinson (bye).

So far, Cryan, Clubbe (lightning game) and O’Callaghan (Form I) have defeated Fr. Aloysius. We hope there will be a senior tournament in the near future and I understand that Form I are anxious to take on Form II.

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