As all of you already know, Father Thomas, owing to failing health, had to resign from the headmastership. I am sure all the school are deeply sorry as Fr. Thomas was very popular with both the masters and the boys. Fr. Dominic, however, has already proved a very worthy successor indeed.

There have been another two additions to the staff, Mr. Crawford, the English master, and also an ardent Newcastle fan, came here from London Oratory in September. Dr. Lewis, an Old Salvatorian, was Mathematics master at St. Benedicts, Ealing. I hope they both enjoy teaching at the College.

Not many exciting events have happened this term. Francis broke Campion’s monopoly of the “Inter-House Quiz”. This victory by Francis should stimulate the competition and make it more interesting.

I suppose the readers have noticed the weather lately! The First XI have had only one home game this season, the rest were postponed owing to the state of the pitches. The school playground also looks like an unfit football pitch. The builders have torn up the playground and there is mud and puddles everywhere.

Your Roving Reporter.

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