The School Hockey Team
by P. Managhan.

The majority of the boys in the school play football, but of course, the most skilful and dangerous game is Hockey. It is only the tough and keenest sportsmen of the school that play THIS game. When the last hockey meeting was held, it was found that we had as many as thirteen players. They range from the Third Form upwards. The Sixth Form has also a large number of players. All three of them give their brotherly advice to the younger players. We play in all weathers on Wednesday afternoons.

After the Christmas holidays we have a number of games against other schools, among them are the Royal Commercial Travellers' School at Hatch End, Watford Grammar and Finchley Grammar. These games are usually exciting and I think we nearly won once because that was the time we had a goal keeper. Well, if you want to know anything else about our hockey team, just ask ‘skilful’ Skoyles of the Sixth Form.

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