Reviewing this term’s FOOTBALL makes dismal reading indeed. Week after week the message from the Recreation Grounds has been the same “Sorry, pitches unfit for use”. Consequently any matches that have been played have had to be “away” matches, and this can prove to be very expensive on a schoolboy’s pocket. However, to the credit of all concerned, they have cheerfully borne the burden, and, as a result, have, I hope, enjoyed their football to the full.

The First and Second Elevens have been luckier than most, and although the results here have been disappointing, they have not always been a true reflection of the play. The First XI was deservedly beaten in only one match and that was by the Franciscan College, Buckingham, when they lost 6-0. In all other matches, the results might well have been different, had the luck been with us. By comparison, our numbers are small, and this can be a handicap when selecting teams. For this reason it is necessary that when a boy dons the familiar red and green shirt he plays full out for the next ninety minutes and thereby gives of his best, both for the School and his team. Results in matches are often unimportant. What counts is the knowledge that for the whole match, the maximum effort has been given. In this way, win or lose, one is able to enjoy the games to the full, thus obtaining both a physical and mental benefit from every match.

Let us hope that the New Year will see an improvement in the weather, and a return to football on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.


I should like to congratulate the HOCKEY XI on their very fine performance on Wednesday, December 7th, when they played FINCHLEY GRAMMAR, going down by 5 goals to two. When one considers the smallness of the group who play hockey regularly, one realizes that this defeat was no disgrace. WELL DONE LADS!

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