Friends Of The Salvatorian College
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At the Annual General meeting in January, a new Committee was formed with Mr. W.C. Payne as Chairman; Mr. Williams as Treasurer, Mr. Mellins as Secretary and Messrs. Boland, Hind, Marcantonio and Mrs. Knight forming the Committee. It was decided that there should be some function at least every month. That this programme was adhered to is seen from the following successful events which furnished hope that the Association would grow. The membership was raised in the course of the year to148. Every number is agreed that these activities would be even more memorable if all parents and friends became full time members.

      March 2nd Social and Dance in the Assembly Hall - Most successful.

      April 27th Wine and Cheese Party. Film in the Geography Room 75 present.

      May 9th Address and Film Show by Harrow Youth Employment Officer. Many parents expressed delight with the information they gained with this personal contact with the officer.

      May 18th Parents V Boys Chess match.

      June2nd Garden Fete. F.S.C. had four stalls to assist the work of the Fete and their efforts proved of great worth.

      July 9th Committee meeting. An outing which had been arranged for Sawston Hall had to be cancelled through transport difficulties.

      Sept. 28th Wine and Cheese Party. A most successful evening. More than 120 turned up and the Geography Room was overcrowded for the film. It was decided that in future the Hall would be used for the film.

      Oct.26th Rev. Fr, Kent carne to address the Friends on the work of the Westminster Diocesan education Commission. Very FEW turned up for this event and so missed an informative talk and a provocative discussion.

      November 30th DINNER DANCE. The event of the year. 160 Friends sat down to a fine six course meal in the School Dining Hall and had an enjoyable evening afterwards.


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