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Every school year sees some staff changes. 1A this year will miss the guiding hand - firm and accurate - of Mr. Hartin. Our good wishes go to him in his year in college.

We are very pleased to have back with us Father Louis and Dr. Lewis. College does not seem to have done any harm to Fr. Louis and his track-suited figure has become so much a part of the scene again that it is hard to remember that he was ever away. Dr. Lewis had a much more unpleasant year and we admire the courageous way in which he has overcome his handicap.

Mr. Tufnell, who joined the staff in September, had the difficult task of starting a new subject in the school. That he has succeeded so well is indicated by the enthusiasm the boys are displaying for woodwork and metalwork. Mr. Tufnell has also had a major part in restarting drama in the school. We wish him a long and happy stay with us.

Fr. Stephen was unable to be with us for the first part of the term owing to illness, but he is now happily recovered. In missing Fr. Stephen, however, we were not completely unconsolable, as his place was so ably and glamorously filled by Miss Metcalfe, from Canada. She certainly added colour to the school; we enjoyed having her here and we hope she enjoyed being with us.

Finally we send our good wishes to Mr. Baring-Gould and wish him a speedy recovery. It is said that the air of the staff room is considerably less polluted and the staff can talk to each other without shouting to get above the machine-gun-like notes of his typewriter, but we really will be glad to have him back. There are those who say he planned his absence well, but really, to be fair, how could he have known the fog and frost were going to come down the following week.

We welcome Mr. Rudnick and M. Primet to the staff. M. Primet assists Mr. Baring-Gould in the French Department while Mr. Rudnick is standing in for him during his illness.

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