Consecration of the Church of St Joseph
by His Lordship Bishop Cashman

John Ockenden IVA
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On Wednesday, March 21st, the CHURCH OF ST. JOSEPH here at Wealdstone was solemnly consecrated by His Lordship Bishop Cashman.

This church was the first one in Westminster to be consecrated under the new rite. It was a ceremony that very few lay people had ever before seen, as previously all fittings had to be removed from the church during the service, and thus no one else could come in.

The ceremony lasted about two hours. The previous evening the Office of the Martyrs had been sung in the Hall of the Relics. The actual consecration service started with the procession of the Bishop and attendants from the Hall of the Relics to the church. The walls of the church outside were sprinkled with Gregorian water, and, after having been round the church the Bishop arrived back at the door, and knocked thrice with his crozier. The Deacon inside opened the door and then the inside walls, the floor and the altar were blessed. While this was being done, the Litany of the Saints was sung. Now came the writing of the alphabet in ashes on the floor. The Bishop now returned to the Hall of Relics, and came back to the church with the relics. He then sealed them into the altar.

The consecration of the twelve crosses around the church walls now commenced. The Bishop then anointed the altar with Chrism. This marked the end of the actual Consecration ceremony. Now followed SOLEMN HIGH MASS.

His Eminence, WILLIAM, CARDINAL CODFREY presided at this Mass. He afterwards gave a short talk to the pupils of the SALVATORIAN COLLEGE, and had several photographs taken with them.

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