Friends Of The Salvatorian College

Last January, at the Annual General Meeting, Mr. W. C. (Jack) Payne and Mr. A. A. Mellins were re-elected Chairman and Hon. Secretary respectively. The retiring members of the Committee, Mrs. J. Parkinson, Mrs, K. Heath and Messrs. J. Boland, S. Hind, L. Marcantonio and F. Coughlan were also re-elected. With the growth of the College the Committee was enlarged and we welcomed Mrs. M. Walsh, Mr, B. Taylor and Mr. W. Stormont. Some of you will wonder what has happened to the Hon. Treasurer. At the previous A.G.M. the then Treasurer Mr. J. L. Williams whilst wishing to stand down from this office, did agree, in the absence of any volunteers, to carry on for a further three months. Throughout the year various suggestions and approaches were made, but no Treasurer materialised. Mr. Williams owing to pressure of business was forced to give up this post at the end of October last. Our grateful thanks are extended to Les Williams for carrying on as long as he did. In the meantime I assumed the additional duties and to date we are still looking for a volunteer.

Our functions have followed a similar pattern as last year. In each term we have had a Wine and Cheese Party and also a Boys v Parents Chess Match. In these latter events the boys at the College have maintained their supremacy and it is very pleasing to report that they have always been victorious. We still hope that the day will come when the Parents will turn the tables. The Wine and Cheese Parties have again been very enjoyable and sociable.

On the serious side, Miss Cook, the Harrow Youth Employment Officer made a return visit and once again the Hobbies evening was most interesting. It is indeed quite an "eye-opener" to see the varied Hobbies which are exhibited.

Turning to the Sporting events, an additional fixture was arranged this year, Cricket v the O.S.A. Though most people will refer to this last summer as being a fine one, the respective players in the Boys and Parents cricket teams will, I am sure, hasten to remind everyone that it was at the third attempt when the Annual Cricket match got under way. The result was a draw with runs this year more plentiful. In the other match against Old Boys, the O.S.A. were worthy winners.

Once again we assisted at the Garden Fete and I am pleased to report that the takings on the stalls we organised were 140 as compared to last year's 130.

We have also gone a step further with our aims that all events at the school sports should have a Silver trophy for the winner. This year five more cups have been presented.

As you will all know the Committee are pressing ahead with various schemes to raise sufficient money to purchase land so that the College will have their own Playing Fields. All our other events during the past year have been in support of the Salvatorian Sports Facilities Fund.

The weekly Whist Drive every Friday is very sociable and friendly, but there are still some vacant chairs. Whist players please note. Though the amounts raised at these Drives each week are not enormous (about 4-7 weekly), it is very encouraging to see the total of this Fund growing week by week. We held our first Jumble Sale last March and if the weather had been kinder I am sure we would have doubled our profit. As it was, the rain poured from early morning without ceasing all day. Our grateful thanks also go to Mr. Eric York, the B.B.C. Sports Broadcaster for arranging a Sports Brains Trust last April. It is a very sad story when I tell you that the attendance was so low at the beginning of the evening, we were wondering whether the Panel of Sports Celebrities might be embarrassed when they saw how empty the Hall was. However, it was agreed to go ahead as planned and those people who were present had a most entertaining evening and the questions which came chiefly fom the boys of the College were most illuminating.

Two other ways we have tried of making money were to hold a draw on the Grand National and also a Football Pool during the current season. Again, sad to relate, the support of both of these fell much below expectations. The Grand National Draw realised a net profit of only 68.10.0d. and the sale of Football Pool cards has fallen far below expectations.

At the time of going to press, we are negotiating for a piece of land within easy reach of the College which will cost nearly 20,000 and it is essential for the Committee to have the full support of all parents. I must remind you that we also have in operation the Voluntary Donation (which is quite confidential). This can be either an Annual Donation or a donation at the commencement of the Spring and Summer terms. Some parents have already made promises and donations under this scheme.

Finally - congratulations, firstly to Mr. B. C. A. Turner upon his election as Councillor and also to another member of F.S.C. - Mr. E. Lawrence upon receiving the Freedom of the City of London.

In conclusion, once again may I wish you all, on behalf of the Chairman and members of the Committee, a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Arthur Mellins.

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