The Old Salvatorians Association

The Old Salvatorians Association has now entered a new era and as a current or prospective member you will want to have some idea of the Association's aims, organisation and activities. The great expansion in the number of students at the College - now almost 500 - means that there must be great expansion in the Association and its activities, and it is our aim to make this the best and the biggest sports and social organisation in the country.

How have we started this reorganisation?

The Association's rules have been completely revised and brought up to date; Committees have been altered to enable us to grow successfully and work efficiently.

A Governing Body of 4 members is elected at the Annual General Meeting - President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These are, in other words, the "Board of Directors" responsible for running and planning the affairs of the whole Association.

The Football, Hockey and Cricket Sections have been combined to form the Sports and Social Section. The Committee is formed from the sports sections together with non-sporting members and are therefore responsible for the organisation of the sporting activities. They run functions such as: the Annual Dinner; social evenings; dances; evenings of light entertainment. A Membership Committee was formed which was primarily responsible for recruiting new members or contacting old members. Their aims are to increase membership, keep personal contact with members by visiting them at their homes and to maintain an interest in and regard for all their wishes.

A Newsletter Editor was appointed who co-ordinates news from the various sections. The Newsletter is to be published at about monthly intervals and is to be concerned with general information, events and sports section results.

A Youth Committee was recommended and is still to be formed whose purpose will be to recruit boys from the College and provide them with the facilities of a Youth Club - football, table tennis, basket ball, dances, etc. It will thus serve as an introduction to the Old Salvatorians Association for the pupils who are about to leave school or who have just left.

The foregoing gives some idea of the new organisation of the Association and as you can see, it can already offer quite a lot. If we are really forward-looking, it can do still more. There is no "catch" to the Association, since by virtue of membership you become eligible to play a full and active part in anything the Association has to offer. If you feel that there is some particular sphere that is not covered by the activities of the Association, then come along and tell us and we shall sec what can be done. Obviously we cannot do all we set out to do overnight - many members see it as a Five-Year Programme. To do all we want to do, and indeed must do, we have to have greater financial strength. This comes chiefly from subscriptions which are now as follows:-

Full Annual Subscription for adults - úl.

Full Annual Subscription for those under 21 - 10/ .


The School Sports this year was blessed with good weather and it was good to see some of the old records go by the board. The Old Boys lost the Tug-o-War against the parents after a herculean struggle - but this will not deter them from competing and winning another time. Bill O'Hara, with Mick O'Driscoll and his wife, presided at the tea urns all through the day and boys and parents were really thrilled with this very refreshing effort made by the Association.

The "Board of Directors" of the Association were present at the Hobbies Evening held at the College on July 17th. After examining the exhibits they awarded three prizes to the best exhibitors in three age groups. They had quite a difficult time in judging as hobbies had changed so much from the time when they were schoolboys. The Association will also be presenting a prize at the school Speech Day for the best Science student at "A" Level.


In the Football it is worthy to mention, not so much the successes of the various sides, as the prowess of an individual - Mick O'Hara. Michael left his mark at the school where his record of 100 yards in 11 seconds in 1954, representing the House of Campion, has not been beaten to date. He has had the honour of being called upon to play on a number of occasions for the President's XI of the Club Cricket Conference. His greatest prowess, however, as far as the Association is concerned, is the number of representative matches he has been called upon to play for the Old Boys' League and for the Amateur Football Association. He has played in over 20 representative matches for the League and in all A.F.A. representative matches, being honoured with an A.F.A. award. We think that Michael has set a record which will take some beating and it was therefore fitting that recognition was given to Michael at the presentation at the Old Boys Dinner at The Rest in October.

The Hockey section has commenced again after the summer lay-off. So far they are doing well with a six-nil win over Watney's and a one-nil win over Lyons. It was with regret that they learnt that they were to lose the services of Peter Havard, a player of many years standing, because of his moving to Braintree in Essex. The Hockey Clubman's Trophy was awarded to Mike Waterford, Treasurer of the section for the past 14 years.

The Cricket section this year have been able to play instead of watching the rain from the pavilion. With the batting of Mick O'Hara, Father Louis and Bill Pepper, the side has been in great form. Terry Power realised a long-standing ambition, by hitting a glorious six clean over the far boundary.

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Kevin Doherty, Treasurer, O.S.A.
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Bill Berry. President, O.S.A.
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Class of 1926 take note:

The school was honoured by an unexpected visit from an Old Boy of the 1926 class. Bill Butterworth - now Rev. Br. Michael, C.P. - was on a visit down south and called in to see the old school. Needless to say he was amazed at the changes which had taken place, but delighted that the little "upper room" had developed into a full three stream Grammar School. Br. Michael studied at Trinity College of Music after leaving school and took his degree in Music there. He had paid visits to the old hut after the war years and given his services as a pianist at the old youth club, but had never seen the school since that time. When he became a Passionist brother he found that his talents stood him in good stead as he became organist and choirmaster at the monastery. At the recent celebrations for the Beatification of Dominic Barberi, he took no small part in the special music needed for the ceremonies. He is anxious to make contact with any Old Boys of his period. His address is: Rev. Br. Michael, C.P., Passionist Monastery, Minsteracres, Consett, Co. Durham.


To John Hagger, Michael Waterford, Michael Whicker, Raymond Davies and Stephen Williams on their marriages.

To Brian and Rosemary McVay on being blessed with a son - Simon John.

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