This is a season of holiness. This is the season of Christmas joy that down through the ages has held out to mankind the promise of a new birth, through which the whole world is born again. Let us now, each in his own humble way, in the spirit of the Prince of Peace, firmly resolve to make the assassin's bullet that brought death and final ending to our martyred President bring new life and new beginning to this Nation.

Let us resolve to replace unreasoning hate and distrust in our national life with love and understanding.

Let us resolve that no act or word of ours will ever encourage the bigot to transgress the rights and privileges of another human being, be he pauper or prince, black or white, Jew or gentile.

Let us resolve to continue the assault on poverty and quest for peace for which he so nobly lived and nobly died.

Let us resolve to continue the ecumenical spirit which brings me, a Catholic, to an Episcopalian pulpit.

No library, no eternal flame, no renaming of a space agency, no road name, or school name will be so appropriate a monument as this. No monument built of stone and mortar will last as long or mean as much as this monument of the heart and mind.

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