Boy In Action

Andrew Tobin, Form IV Arts.

On Saturday, 16th October, a boy from this school made the school feel proud of him. In Victoria Road, Kilburn, a man was being chased by the police. The police were shouting to everybody around to stop him. Nobody would, because the man was a huge 6 ft. 3 ins. and 14 stone. Nobody, that is, except Jim McClusky of 4 General in this school. He chased the man for about 30 yards, down to the corner of Algernon Road. There the man stumbled over his raincoat and as he was getting up, Jim jumped on him.

The police, who were close behind, came up and apprehended the man. They told Jim to go up to the top of Victoria Road and tell the man in the police car to come down. Jim just vanished for a while and later the police traced him to his home and praised him for his quick action.

The following day a number of newspaper reporters visited his house and got the story from him. On Monday, 15th October, the story appeared in about five national newspapers. The name of the school also appeared. It was a great honour for both Jim and the School.

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