Chess Club

S.B. Jones, M6.

Again, as in previous years, the Chess Club was the first of all the clubs and societies in the school to start functioning at the beginning of the new academic year. After being back at school for only four days, the chess teams played their first league match of the season.

The Club meets every lunch-time, as well as on Friday evenings from 4.00 until 5.30 in 2A form-room. The subscription is one shilling and sixpence for a complete school year, although it is usual for members, to pay sixpence per term. For the second year running, the first form have been admitted free, but this year it is for the Autumn term only. With this incentive, it is hoped to raise the standard of chess in the school to even greater heights.

Before continuing with the report of last season's events, it is only appropriate that some words be devoted to Fr. Aloysius, who, for over five years, was the master in charge of the Club. He was responsible for the setting up of the Chess Club, and for its continued success. He managed to put the school into, the Harrow and District Schools' Chess League, and entered the Senior Team for the Sunday Times National Schools Tournament. When the Club grew, such that there was a shortage of Chess sets, he successfully obtained the money from the Headmaster to buy some new and better ones, of which the Club is most proud. All the members of the Chess Club wish him every blessing in his new position as Father Provincial of the Salvatorian Order.

Messrs. Towey and Henry are the present Chess Masters, who have successfully maintained the spirit of the Club.

In the 1964-65 season, the Senior Team came last, and the Junior Team second, in the Harrow League. Both Senior and Junior Teams started the year well, but owing to the pressure of work due to the G.C.E., three members of the Senior Team were unable to devote to Chess as much time as was needed, and so the Senior Team ended the season badly. The Junior Team, on the other hand, having no such problems, continued the season with much more success, winning eight games, drawing three, and losing only three.

The Teams for the 1964-1965 season were:-

Senior: J. Sinclair, J. Rossi, E. O'Gorman, A. Greenwood, D. Cryan, S. B. Jones. Reserves: A. Thurnham, D. Moore.

Junior: A. Shaw, L. Kelly, S. Roguski, B. Taylor. Reserves: A. Woolford, M. Flint, J. Howell.

For the present season, the Teams are:-

Senior: J. Sinclair, J. Rossi, A. Thurnham, A. Shaw, E. O'Gorman, A. Greenwood. Reserves: S. B. Jones, D. Moore.

Junior: B. Taylor, M. Flint, M. O'Gorman, J. Howell. Reserves: D. Buck, M. Taylor.

The Senior and Junior Championships were held between March and May, and the Senior Champion was J. Sinclair, with A. Thurnham runner-up. The Junior Champion was A. Shaw with D. Buck second.

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