Printing House / Group


Every lunch hour a small group of boys work over the two small printing presses in the Technical Drawing Office. Considering the limitations under which they work the range of work done is quite wide.

Much of the work is letterheads but play tickets, personal cards, fixture cards, membership cards and bills are also printed.


During the past year a number of big changes have taken place in the Printing group. The 'father of the chapel' - Graham Wilde - has left the group to continue his studies in the Sixth Form and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his unceasing efforts over the past two years to establish an operative group and to train his 'devils' to continue the good work. Our heartful thanks, Graham.

Borgeat and Burchill have been running the group and training new apprentices, O'Connor, 4A and Thorn, 3A. These boys have had a busy year printing orders large and small. Perhaps the biggest order to date has been the printing of about one thousand school play tickets, which took up several weeks of solid printing, since the machines we have are hand-operated. By the time they had finished there were very sore hands indeed. Perhaps the smallest order was for 10 cards for an obscure . . . . society . . . . “The Cult” (censored by the Editor).

Now that the manager and director have started their G.C.E. course in the 4th year, the work of the group may become too much for them (though they hope not) and O'Connor and Thom may be writing the report next year. They hope not! ! !

Editor: There seems to be a plea here for new 'devils' to join the Printing Group and assist in building up the section. Does anyone know of a powered printing machine at a reasonable price?

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