The Sixth Form Society

The Sixth Form Society exists to provide that wide cultural background which should be as much a part of Sixth Form life as the students' academic work. It is hoped that by full participation the individual will, on the one hand step down from his ivory tower, or on the other hand ascend to fulfil higher intellectual aspirations.

The Society functioned last year for the first time under the leadership of the School Captain, Edmund Nickless, and it is hoped that this year we might benefit from their experience, thus expanding our field of action.

A senate has been formed with our School Captain, James Madden, as President and a number of school groups such as the Debating Society, the Music Society, and the Jazz Club have willingly associated themselves with the Society. A full programme of events of wide interest will soon be presented.

The openings exist and if utilised correctly they should provide that unity of community and stimulus for thought which should exist in the Sixth to make easy the transition from school to University, and from boy to man.

D. M. C. Secretary.

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