Library Report 1964/65

Before dealing with the actual report I should like to pay tribute to the outstanding work of Father Aloysius over the past five years. Father devoted a great deal of time and energy to giving the school a library of which it can be proud. On behalf of the whole school I would like to, say - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FATHER.

As in the past years the Library is being well used by all members of the school including the staff. We have now a well-stocked library of some 6,000 volumes. There is a large selection from the Bible to the most recent fiction. This latter section is, by far, the most popular section and contains about 1,000 volumes by 500 authors. This represents a good cross section and many of the books which lie on the shelves from term to term are well worth reading. The religious section, as well as hagiography has many excellent books on catechetical problems and on comparative religions. There is a good selection in the Fact and Faith section which deals with the Church in the modern world and may provide answers to many questions which are often asked and seldom answered.

Another section of the library not to be neglected is the Science section which contains a comprehensive selection on all science subjects. The language section has selections of books on all languages on the school curriculum and many more besides. Some excellent French novels and Latin readers are, alas, seldom read. History provides books from the Ancient Greeks to problems of the 20th century. For those with a flair for Geography, and those whose only interest is one of 'travelogue', there are many tomes to attract and excite. Biography and Autobiography is well represented and provides excellent reading for those who are interested in man as a social beast and may want to examine motives for ambition and success.

Gratefully we acknowledge our thanks to those who help to keep the library supplied with regular issues of good magazine material, especially to Father Dominic (Headmaster) who supplies the 'National Geographic' and 'Horizon'; to Patten of M6 for the 'London Illustrated News' and Carroll, L6 for 'Time'. We should like to thank all, parents, boys and friends who have donated books during the past year.

A sad note must of necessity be recorded here. About 500 books are missing from the Library shelves - many of them expensive books of reference. Many may be in your homes and through thoughtlessness have not been returned - do not deprive others of the joy which you have evidently got from reading them and return them as soon as possible.

Mr. Hartin, the present Librarian would like to thank all the boys who have helped in the library and all who offered to give assistance. Both he and these boys are there to help you to make full and adequate use of the facilities the library affords. Do not hesitate to approach us with your queries or problems - we are only too anxious to help.

P. D. Devlin, L6.

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