Past Pupils' Art Exhibition

In February of this year we held the second Exhibition of Past Pupils' work and attracted not only a fine cross-section of the range of work in this field, but also a most interested audience during the week of the Exhibition. Several of the exhibitors were fortunate in making sales as a result of the interest aroused. Paul Gibney, now a Graphic Artist, trained at the Harrow School of Art, has had work exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and the R.W.S. Galleries. Among samples of his work were a Factorial Landscape in Ink and Charcoal; a Sheffield Street Scene in Oil and a Demolition work in Etching.

Andrew James Joyce, trained at Trent College of Music, Art and Drama, and who is now a full time teacher, had a range of exhibits in Oil, Water, Charcoal, with a range of Pottery work in Earthenware, Stoneware and Glazes in Tin, Lead and Feldsparic.

Paul Payne trained at Harrow School of Art and Central College of Art, presented 5 paintings, 4 in Oils and one in Cryla and also 3 sculptures- two on a construction mode and one on a P Group.

Nicholas Price, trained at Harrow School of Art and now in industry, exhibited three paintings which excited great interest - Dry Colour Factory at Windsor and Newtons; a Seascape and St. James Park Old Station.

Paul Weaver and Joe Baker also entered exhibits in Oils and other media. While not directly connected with Art in their careers, they have retained a special affection for the subject.

In February 1967, we hope to mount another exhibition, chiefly from the works of those who have become established artists. Make sure that your son keeps you informed as to the dates.

Tribute must be paid to the work of Michael Waterford, Father Ignatius and others who saw to the organisation of the exhibition and its satisfactory launching.

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