Art Exhibition & Pictures Of The Art Room

The third Exhibition of the work of Old Boys of the College was organised by the Old Boys Committee and Father Ignatius from 25th February to 4th March, and attracted same very interesting examples of the work of well established past pupil artists in various media. Regrettably the attendance, even allowing for the weather, was neither sufficient recompense for the organisers nor for the exhibitors. Those who did take the opportunity to be present were rewarded for braving the inclement weather and saw some excellent facets of the range of modern artists.

Among those who sent samples of their work were:

Peter Coviello
Born in London in 1930, Peter is now in the Textile Department of the Central School of Art and is responsible for photography, painting and drawing. He works as a professional photographer and apart from one-man shows in Oxford, London and Bristol, he has had pictures in Group Shows in New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Italy.

The pictures presented here show the considerable change that has taken place in his work in the last three years, moving from abstractionism to a more personal expressionism.

Andrew Grime
Bonn 1922. Andrew studied Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University and after his Army Service joined the H.J. Jewellers at Hatton Garden, becoming its Chairman and Managing Director in the short space of five years. In 1961 he won the most prizes in the De Beers International Awards and in 1966 won the Duke of Edinburgh's prize for Elegant Design - the first time that award was given for individual handmade work. He has a tremendous output, averaging 1,500 designs each year.

Because of the rare value of his works we were not able to show many actual pieces, but there was an excellent range of photos of his work. By favour we did have on show the Monstrance from Father Trotman of Pinner and the Chalice of Father DuMatthews of Kingsbury.

Martin Grow.
Born in London. Martin won, between 1957 and 1962 the following Scholarships and Bursaries: - Edinburgh Open; Travelling Bursary to Paris; Post Graduate Scholarship; Travelling Bursary to Florence; Travelling Scholarship to Italy. He now teaches at Sheffield College of Art, Barnsley School of Art and the Regional College of Art, Bradford.

His exhibits were intriguing not only in concept and sculpture, but in the media used.

Hermann Zerbinnen
Born in London 1932, Herman now lives in Cincinnati U.S.A. and sent transparencies of his work so that some idea of his range might be seen; among these were work in lead, silver, metal, leaded glass and wool. Awarded a Diploma from the Worshipful Company of Glassmakers and Painters of Glass and a prize in a National Sculptural Competition, while many small sculptural pieces may be found in Galleries throughout America and in Hawaii, his present work is rather more in stained glass, and some of his recent commissions are: -Jewish Temples in Ohio, Kentucky; Indiana; Colorado and Puerto Rico. He is currently working on stained glass for Holy Cross Church, New York; three Protestant churches; window for the public library in Cincinnati and has won a tender for all the interior artistic work at a Catholic Retreat Centre in Dayton, Ohio, including stained glass sanctuary furnishings, chalices, etc.

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