Careers Conference

A Careers Conference was held at the School from July 3rd to July 7th mainly for the benefit of the present Sixth Form. The conference opened with a general talk on 'Further Education' in all its aspects given by Mr. R.H. Brousson, Vice-Principal of Hendon College of Technology, and followed by a Seminar discussing the subject in depth.

Each day was divided into two main sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with three or four speakers to each session thus providing a wide choice to the boys. Speakers were invited from most of the professions and from several of the larger Companies that offer a wide range of scientific, technical and administrative positions.

The value of a conference is to be seen in the insight it allows a Sixth-Former into the future. In terms of a chosen career it may well be necessary today to take certain subjects in the Sixth Form and certainly some idea of a career helps in the wide choice of subjects at this level. It is also necessary to weigh the respective advantages of a University place and a sponsored sandwich course or even of beginning a professional career immediately after 'A' level results. The opportunity to question speakers on what is involved in a particular occupation was of course invaluable, and all the speakers provided instructive literature and in several instances, films and slides.

For many of the Staff it presented an opportunity for discussion with the people concerned with the boys immediate future on leaving school and for the speakers in turn to present the difficulties they experienced with the school-leaver and the qualities and abilities they sought. This provided a valuable exchange of ideas.

The response to our invitation to take part in the conference was extremely good and it is with deep gratitude that we record below the names of those who participated and who, by their concern for the boys' future, and their advice, made the conference such a success. Many speakers expressed their enthusiasm and support for a conference of this type and how convinced they were of its value. They further expressed their willingness to help any boy individually in pursuing a career should the need arise, as well as, of course, participating in future conferences.

(In order of attendance)
Further Education
Science Engineering
Social Work
The Law
Local Government
Guest, Keen & Nettlefold Ltd.
Company Secretaryship
Marks & Spencer Ltd.
Purchasing & Supply
Advertising & Marketing
Estate Management
International Computers & Tabulators Ltd.
Civil Service
Business Studies
Architecture, Art & Design
B.P. Chemicals Ltd.
English Electric Co.
Kodak Ltd
George Wimpey & Co.
Boots Pure Drug Co.
Shell Co. Ltd.
Public Relations
Mr. R.H. Brousson
Mr. Farradane
Mr. B. Hobman
Mr. J.B. Hoy
Mr. Langham
Mr. C.E. Quekett
Mr. Hawkins
Mt. S.T. Killick
Mr. R. Holmes
Miss Marks
Mr. L.A. Swann
Mr. B.E. Palmer
Mr. Ashmore
Mr. R.L. White
Mr. G.W. Hood
Mr. MacKeown
Mr. C.I. Harrison
Miss D. Law
Mr. A.W. Bunn
Mr. J. Daly
Mr. D.H. Fielder
Mr. Pocock
Mr. G.J. Foxley
Mr. R.G, Palmer
Mr. C.T. Ball
Mr. T.R. Clendon
Mr. K; Patterson
Mr. Wright
Mr. R. Dixon
Mr. A.P. FitzSimons
Mr. R,E. Bowen
Mr. J.I. Robertson
Mr. A. Cain
Mr. J. Montgomery
Mr. G. Crawford
Mr. J. Henry
Vice -Principal Hendon College of Technology
Hon. Sec. Institute of Information Science
Director. Social Work Advisory Service
Solicitor. The Law Society
Borough of Harrow Office
Manager. Graduate Training Office
Chartered Institute of Secretaries
Institute of Journalists
Marks & Spencer Ltd. Wembley
British Optical Association
Branch Manager. Legal & General Assurance Soc. Ltd.
Harrow Reference Library
Arthur Guinness & Co. Ltd.
Assistant Sec. Hospitals Dept.
The Advertising Association
Estates Dept. Legal & General Assurance Soc. Ltd.
I.C.T. Ltd
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
District Manager. Barclays Bank
General Dental Council
Head of Dept. Ealing Technical College
Borough of Harrow, Architect & Planner
Education Information Office
Training Centre
Association of Certified & Corporate Accountants
Kodak Ltd. Wealdstone
Senior Training Officer
Staff Liaison Officer
Shell Co. Ltd.
Director, Wilcox Press & Publications Relations Co. Ltd.
Salvatorian College

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