VI Form Film Society

The idea behind starting a film society was to stimulate interest in cinema among sixthformers on both sides of the road; more specifically, to provide enough experience and information to induce them to keep a knowledgeable eye open for the good, many of them Continental, films that come West-Endway.

The society started December 19th last year, a short winter season of six showings. The budget was geared to 70 members; we had 92. This season we budgeted on 80; we have, to date, 110. Many or them came to the Annual General Meeting on September 27th; by March next year they will have attended the whole season of twelve film shows. Some, I am sure, will also go to the London Film Festival (this November) and the two National Film Viewing Sessions (next Spring), apart from visiting the National Film Theatre from time to time.

If the emphasis is on 'film', 'society' is not unimportant; especially for those (*) helping to run it. Like any film society, ours is a member of the British Film Institute, and accepts a fairly detailed constitution and a pretty rigorous way or running itself. The goods handled are expensive, and the amount of money that goes through the treasurer's hands on its way from members to film renters is considerable. The committee, under the Chairman, is responsible for building the following season's, programme - a ticklish, time absorbing but intriguing business - particularly as it goes without saying that next season's selection of films must be even better than this one's!

(*) Chairman, Miriam Power; Vice-Chairman, George Penman; Treasurer, Anne Brampton; Secretary, Matthew Parker; and ten committee members, both boys and girls.

The Secretary

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