Geographical Society

The Society has developed recently into a largely Sixth Form activity. This is understandable, because the Sixth Form Geographers tend to make the subject a hobby, but it is a pity that more boys in the lower forms do not avail themselves of the opportunity to engage in interesting geographical pursuits. Current activities include local field work and the construction of surveying instruments. Mr. Whitaker has been very helpful in the making of a plane-table and an alidade. In fact, as a result of the generosity of the F.S.C. in providing the Geography department with a soil-testing kit, a soil auger, a clinometer and a prismatic compass, the Society this year will have the opportunity of doing a wide range of practical work. The next acquisition will be a hot wire cutting device for making relief models from polystyrene tiles. The established activities of modelling, mopping etc., are still carried on by individual boys, but they are few in number at the moment.

Since the torrential rains afflicting Leith Hill Field Day (reported in the last edition by Stephen Wilson), the field work in the Aylesbury-Tring area has been blessed with fine weather and some valuable work has been done.

The present Lower Sixth had already prepared a short list of places in which they hope to do individual field work, and it includes places as far apart St. Neots and Arundel - 'natives' of these regions beware.

Friday evenings after school are the more normal meeting times, but members are encouraged to use the amenities of the Geography room whenever it is free for any of their geographical projects.


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