1980 Memories

To sit and philosophise is easy. But by thinking of yourself: what can you do? You know that everyone is mixed up, that man's self-adulating pride twists his perspective into shapes no longer recognisable to God or man, and that love has the envious alternatives of oblivion in a world of blindly working greys or a shallow trendiness in the mouths of mindless hippies - the mods of yesterday, the cannon fodder of tomorrow. For we twist everything to make another stronger wall to our boxes of isolation. As we institutionalised Christ, making His message ineffectual, so we have institutionalised flower power till it too has become a weak plaything of plastic people; till U.F.O. has become the marquee of the seventies, and it makes a profit (thanks to Thomson).

Then we realise that those in whom we trusted were not sincere, but wanted only money and fame, for Ginsberg reads on to non-comprehending flower children, newly grown hair, full of glib phrases "Has it got a screen baby, has it Got a screen?" And Leery entertains shallow blowalongs to whom yoga means the art of relaxation, and S.T.P. "to blow one's mind in the psychedelic experience".

Meanwhile Ringo cries OM to Trishing (or is it Vishnu?) long having forgotten what his friends saw in these rituals. Young Christians profess Buddhism or Hinduism, or both. Meanwhile, India starves, unfed, unremembered. Chinese people have brought a new hope, a new meaning to it all. America, fighting for God, lays waste stretches of starving flesh in order to stop the diabolic Marxist scourge from overrunning humanity.

Captured in a far off shrine, having helped the Chinese feed the people for two years, were ten yellow-robed monks. All were haggard and worn, all were shot, including three unidentified men looking as though they could have been English before their skin had grown yellow and wrinkled with hunger, and having beneath their robes three M.B.E.'s. All too late, someone realised who they were, but no-one really cared. "So that's why they never came back" had muttered an English sergeant, nostalgically remembering his adolescent hero-worship.

Vatican three is now finally completed and at last we have found unity, the dream of years -now we are united against the evils besetting the world. The Vatican treasures have been sold so that we can at last make a positive step to help the Americans in India. Besides, it was the only way to prevent the last and. greatest persecution of all. But Christianity is rapidly dying as new religions emerge to satisfy the craving of children whose parents indifferently professed agnosticism: the English worship Churchill and the Americans Kennedy as God's greatest manifestation, and Emperor worship is compulsory in China. Russia alone remains completely materialistic, but what has she to fear, having reached Mars long before America has even started her programme, long delayed to help the war.

Test-tube babies are becoming the norm now - it's so much better to be able to plan ahead. The Macleod scares are over now - no more mutants - but the theological row still wages; in fact, man's pride in himself is almost toppled. Suspicions still linger, however; of top secret test stations in America, where mutants are bred and developed, and it is true that reports do roam of strange inhuman animals in the Chilean jungles, frequently raping village girls who bear the most hideous looking 'devils', but all reports are hushed, and no-one really believes it.

The British people are reconciled now to the Dollar; as Wilson said "It's a great step forward: at last the two countries can progress together". No-one wants to see Wilson go now; he is such a leader for the country. I suppose that's why he had a majority of 493 at the last election. Admittedly that was ten years ago, but we must let him stay until his next ten year plan is completed and till he has seen his 'great leap forward' through.

We are so glad to live in this prosperous, modern, scientific age, with its technological wonders and, thanks to our wise leaders we look forward to the future with even greater hope. We too must play our part - we must not be selfish and complain when the trains go supersonic. We must do all we can to help Americans crusade against communism, our crusade against communism, our fight to make the World a decent place to live in.

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