Harrow Cyclist Of The Year

About an hour before the Competition I fetched my bike from a North Harrow cycle shop and set off for the School, arriving just in time. The other competitors and I went in pairs to be tested on the Highway Code while our bikes were being checked to see if they were roadworthy. After that we were asked about points of maintenance. Then came tests where we had to ride in circles, brake and turn. After this there was the road course which was signposted, so it was fairly easy. Along the route people were posing as men with dogs, garage attendants, broken down cars and even, to be treated with the utmost caution, a lady on a motor-bike.

After arriving back at the starting point we went to the Hall for the presentations. As they began I was thinking, "It's always someone else who wins", when to my astonishment they read out my name. Dazed but triumphant, I went up to receive my prize - 3, a shield and a rota trophy. Unfortunately my parents were not there to join in the applause at my success because they had been told it would be another hour to the finish; but my disappointment was short-lived, for there was another presentation by the Mayor of Harrow at the Priestmead School, to which they were invited.

But that was not the end of the excitement. Two days later two young men came round to interview me, and I took part in an inter-hospital closed circuit radio programme.

A. Lance 2F

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