Debating Society

Senior Debating Society
The Society did not have a successful year. After the first debate, a programme of regular fortnightly debates was arranged. Unfortunately, there was not the necessary enthusiasm to sustain so ambitious a programme and the Society quietly ceased to function. It is a great pity that the Seniors allowed their Debating Society remain inactive for the greater part of the year. There is reason to hope that the new intelligentia of next year's Lower Sixth wilt revive it.

The Middle School Debating Society
Nine highly successful debates were held during the academic year 1967/68. Perhaps the most controversial and hotly-contested was that on the 6th May, the motion being "That this House believes that Britain has sold her soul to America". One hundred and two members were present, twenty eight voted for the motion, fifty-six against and eighteen abstained.

P. Roche, of the present Five P., was awarded First Prize as the best speaker of the year and M. Rowan, of Form 4, received the Second Prize.

We look forward to another successful year in 1968/69, when the Society will be under the Chairmanship of P. Maddams.

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