The Second Season of the Sixth Form Film Society continued the success of the previous year.

The hard core of the Society was centred around Rev. M. Parker, The Secretary, who was ably assisted by the following office holders:-
Chairman:- Treasurer:-
Miss M. Power Miss A. Brampton

Committee Members:-
Messrs. A. Collins, S. Roguski, S. Riley, M. Locke, R. Litawski, Miss A. Long, Miss P. Empson & "Anya".

There was a record membership of 110 - annual subscription being 1. 12 Shows were screened - a short-sometimes cartoon - and a full-length film - the most memorable being:- Les Quatre Cent Corps, Fail Safe, and Les Enfants du Paradis.

Special thanks must be recorded to:- Fr. Aelred for his indispensable and generous help - our unpaid projectionist: Bro. Alphonsus far his teas, coffees, biscuits: Fr. Matthew far all his hard work which laid the solid foundation of this Society.

At our A.G.M. in June the following were elected to Office.
President: B. Mulcahy
Vice-President: Miss P. Empson
Secretary: Miss A. Bevan-John
Booking Secretary:   G. Penman
Treasurer: S. Roguski
Miss T. Wilson, Miss M. Walsh, Miss S. Dare, Miss A. Nickless, Miss M. Cassoni. Messrs. S. O'Malley, A. Collins, M. Jennings, R. Knowles, T. Rayson.

We are set far another successful season and hope far even better films and bigger membership.

Our sincere thanks to the young ladies from the Sacred Heart without whom we would be under-strength and without whom it wouldn't be such fun.

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