Photographic Society

A meeting was called, in January of this year, to mark the setting up of the College Photographic Society. There were 127 boys present who indicated their support for the project and willingness to become members. The Society owes its beginning to the interest and support of Fr. Aelred and Mr. Dobson. The former's generosity in making his own equipment available to the members, made it possible to immediately set about organising the Society.

Getting the darkroom ready was the first task to be tackled; with the amount of glass in the room, it proved to be a major blacking-out job. Some shelves had to be put up and some other preparatory lobs taken in hand. By the Easter recess the darkroom was ready for use.

When a meeting was called after the recess, it was found that the number of prospective members formed a reasonable nucleus for the Society. Most of the members were Sixth Formers whose academic commitments left too little time to get the Society really organised.

Next year it is hoped to have the Society fully established and with an active membership. There are tentative plans to hold a School Photographic Exhibition during the year and it has been suggested that Junior members be accepted.

N.G. Epton

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