It's a knock-out - the Boxing Club has survived the bell and is now going from strength to strength.

Under the watchful eye of Mr. Dobson a strong boxing team has been formed.

During the year many budding Henry Coopers or Alan Rudkins have appeared, puffed, shuffled, groaned, moaned, "fainted" and retired. There is now a sound, fit and enthusiastic body just raring to duck under the ropes, and to come out fighting.

Back (L to R): Johnson, Harrington, Hayes, Casey.
Front: Hefferman, C. Hayes, Mr Dobson, Bailey, R. Hayes.

Training is a must, every Tuesday and Friday, and although, as yet, there are few facilities hope springs eternal steady progress is being shown. Our ranks now include boys from all forms - all ages and all weights. All are welcome to join and learn the noble art of self-defence. (Quote - Lord Queensbury).

It is hoped that inter-house, and if possible inter-school contests might be arranged next year.

At present our sights are set on the Middlesex Schools Championships in December when a team will be boxing for the first time in school colours.

T. Harrington.

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