Cross Country

Harrow Schools Athletics Association organised a Cross Country League last winter, and over three races our team was third with 676 points, Downer came second with 819 and Chandos won with 856. Our team, Sullivan, Moore, Carroll, Egerton, Burke, Trigg, Kane and Fittock, ran consistently well throughout the competition.

Our own House Championship was also run on a league basis and this is how the table looked at the end of the six races.

Juniors: Becket 970 points Gabriel 809 points
Campion 718 points Francis 674 points
Seniors: Campion 1006 points Francis 984 points
Gabriel 684 points Becket 483 points

Each team could run eight, of whom six scored. Unfortunately the number of runners varied and this accounts for Becket's pathetic showing in the Senior Competition.

In the Individual Competition, M. O'Sullivan won four races, G. Carroll was second and M. Moore third. In the Senior section A. Woolford won five races, B. Jennings came second and T. Power third.

The Harrow Championships were held at the Bannister Sports Centre and our performances were disappointing - fifth in the Junior, third in the Intermediate and fourth in the Senior. If these were disappointing, then the Grammar Schools positions were shocking: 18th in the Junior out of 20 competing schools and 19th in the Senior out of 22! There is without any doubt room for improvement in this aspect of our athletics.

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