Rugby 1967-68
This report on the 1967/68 Rugby season makes, from a success point of view, rather dismal reading. The number of games played shows that rugby has become a major winter sport for the College and that, at least, is a hopeful sign.

The 1st XV, though losing more than half their matches, actually scored over 100 points during the season. This is a remarkable improvement, when we recall the record of previous seasons, and is undoubtedly due to better teamwork, especially in positional play.

Duffy, Skinner, Nawrocki (Captain), Kershaw, O'Connor Hollows, Powell, Linden-Kelly, Murphy, Neugebauer, Wales, O'Brien, Woolford, Greensted Wismayer, Knowles, Borucki, Inglese.

The season ended with a team entered in the Schools' 7-a-side Tournament held at the Wasps' ground and, as was to be expected, it ended up at the bottom of the list.

The middle school teams, U.16s', U.15s' and U.14s', had a poor season but always seemed to enjoy their games, no matter how badly beaten. This attitude is admirable enough, but if they are ever going to win, they need much more determination, practise and training in skills.

Our Junior Team, on the other hand, had a good season and, as I forecast last year, should do even better in the future.

Special note must be made of the regular training sessions held by the 1st XV fly-half for the keen members of the Junior teams.

R.J. Whitaker

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