By Peter Irving, Form 2E.

During the year the following gained their A.S.A. Personal Survival Awards:

S. George; M. Moore; P. Robinson; M. Hunt; C. Clavey; A. McCloskey; A. Arpine; K. Taylor; S. Barton; S. Devine; W. Scutt; S. Hand; P. Hunt; D. Connolly; R. Jasieniecki; R. Carroll; B. Bennett; M. Sheahan; D. Crawford; R. Pearce; P. O'Rourke; S. Taylor; K. Davies; K. Buckler; A. Blue; S. Collins; S. Montzalos; A. Lance; P. Gill; K. Peirson.

S. Waldron; D. Connolly; S. Barton; M. Hunt; C. Clavey; S. White; K. Davies; J. Grimer.

C. Cahill; J. Dunleavy; C. Green; S. Waldron.

The Annual Gala was held at Highgrove Baths on Saturday 4th May when Gabriel improved on their 2nd place in '67, by winning with quite a clear lead from Becket. Positions: Gabriel 228 points, Becket 130 points, Francis 103 points; Campion 80 points.

In the Harrow Schools Gala the School was represented in every age group finished 4th in the Minor; 2nd in the Junior with 11 points; last in the Senior. As a result of this Gala, C. Cahill was selected to swim for Harrow in the Middlesex Schools Gala, but though finishing 3rd in the Inter Free-Style, it was not good enough to get him into the Finals Meeting.

For the first time a number of boys swam for the School in the Harrow Youth Gala, where C. Kershaw won the 16 - 18 Freestyle, with P Reynolds 3rd. C. Cahill won the 14 - 16 Backstroke, and finished 2nd in 14 - 16 Freestyle. D. Connolly finished 6th in the 12 - 14 Freestyle. In the 12 - 14 Relay Final, the team of J. Grimar; D. Connolly; A. Lance and S. Barton finished 3rd.

The following also swam for the School in the various Galas;
S. Hand; W. Scutt; D. Walsh; R. Breen; M. Jones; J. Dunleavy; R. Fleet; J. Casey; A. Woolford; M. Sheahan; C. Green; D. Wismayer; D. Nickless; M. Buchanan; R. Pearce.

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