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The Season 1967-8 was a very successful one. Sixty-four teams from Schools and Technical Colleges took part in the Middlesex Inter-Schools Competition (under 19s). We again reached the County Semi Final only to lose by a finger-tip - that of S. O'Malley who jammed his finger in a railway carriage two days beforehand.

Our Senior Team was S. O'Malley, D. Dury and P. Tora. In the Middlesex Inter-Schools Junior Competition (under 15s) our First and Second teams met in the zone-final. The First team of C. Green, G. McCourt and D. Brendish went on to beat William Ellis school 6-3 in the County Final and received individual trophies.

In the Wembley and Harrow Schools League we maintained our consistent record. The First Team won Division 1 of the open (under 19s) Competition undefeated and the winning team of S. O'Malley, D. Dury and P. Tora was awarded a certificate and medals. The 2nd team of A. Frost, C. Green and M. Rogan won Division 2 and received a certificate and medals.

The Junior (under 15s) Competition won by our 1st team of C. Green, D. Brendish and G. McCourt who received a certificate and medals. Our 2nd team finished second and was represented by M. Ryan, A. Coburn, S. Hennessey, N. Rossiter and T. Geary.

In the Wembley and Harrow Schools Knockout Competition we entered three teams. The competition was won by our 1st team of D. Dury, S. O'Malley, and P. Tora who beat Merchant Taylors 6-3 in the Final stages at Kodak.

Many schools players entered the Junior Singles of the Wembley and Harrow Closed Tournament held at Kodak. All did well, especially G. McCourt before succumbing to older more experienced players. It is high time, however, that we reached the Semi-Finals at least in this event! In the Men's Doubles M. Ryan and G. McCourt were playing strongly until confronted by the wiles of T. Prebble and Fr. Raymond.

Middx. Schools
Junior Winners
1967 - 1968

L to R. D.Brendish;

Consistent form and progress was shown by all Team players throughout the season and it is difficult to single out any individual player as success is essentially a team effort, as well as an individual one.

Perhaps the most consistent form was shown by S. O'Malley, C. Green and G. McCourt, though when occasion warranted it, important vital games were won by D. Dury and P. Tora. Promise for the future is being shown by the progress of many junior players among whom should be mentioned: N. Russell, G. Tripp, Duffy, P. Fitzgerald, C. Wismayer, P. O'Rourke, A. Walton-Smith, S. Walton-Smith, M. O'Rourke and N. Devery.

In the Junior Championship (under 15s) there were 71 entries. In the Semi Finals G. Trigg beat C. Wismayer 21-12 and 21-13 and P. Fitzgerald beat the early favourite N. Russell 21-15 and 21-17. The Final was well supported especially by the 2nd and 4th years, cheering on their representatives. In a very evenly contested match fortunes see-sawed backwards and forwards. P. Fitzgerald won the first game 21-18, G. Trigg the second 24-22, Fitzgerald the third 21-11. Trigg took the fourth very closely 21-19 and finally managed to emerge the victor 21-13 in the last game. Play was of a good standard generally with attack dominating and drawing frequent bursts of applause from spectators. Congratulations to the winner and special mention to P. Fitzgerald not yet 13 yrs. old who showed admirable temperament, determination and control.

Middx. Schools Junior Winners
1964-1965 1965-1966
Middx. Schools Senior Finalists
1966-1967 1967-1968
L to R D.Dury; S.O'Malley; P.Tora

In the Senior Championship (under 19s) there were 48 entries. In the Semi-finals C. Green beat D. Brendish 20-22, 21-7, 21-16 and McCourt beat Dury 21-17, 21-18. The Gym was again crowded for the Final and in a tense atmosphere, punctuated by bursts of applause, both players were obviously nervous in the early stages. Green took the first game 21-15 and McCourt the second 21-19. Both players had now settled down to careful play of a good standard, looking for an opening and waiting for the loose return before attempting a "winner". Green won the third 21-19, McCourt the fourth 21-10. The final game followed the pattern of earlier play but with nerves again coming to the surface. McCourt with admirable temperament finally won 21-16. Our congratulations to both players on a fine match played in the best spirit and richly deserving the applause received at the end.

Finally a deep vote of sincere thanks to Mr. Hartin who so often in the past, despite inconvenience and expense, arranged transport to away-matches on innumerable occasions, encouraged hopes and played a not inconsiderable part in each team 5 success.


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