Theatre Club

The Theatre Club, begun last year, has now become an accepted feature of the College's extra-mural life. We must thank the Friends, who increased their loan to the Club to enable us to lay out money for tickets at the beginning of each term.

Many of the Sixth are now seasoned theatre-goers, having enjoyed a wide range of theatrical experiences. The range is considerable, from "Fiddler on the Roof" to "Marat/Sade", from "Macbeth" to "The Boy-Friend". Although Shakespeare and other classic dramatists figure largely in the list of plays seen, the policy is to see any kind of theatrical entertainment which is good of its kind and which has something to offer. The outings are for entertainment, but while enjoying themselves, the members are widening their experience and developing standards of judgment.

The theatre visits take place once a fortnight during term with parties of fifteen to twenty. Each chooses for himself which of the productions booked he wants to see, so that some members attend only one or two plays, while others attend many of them. About thirty-five of the Sixth have taken part in the outings of the Club.

Productions seen were:-

The National Theatre
Tartuffe   Moliere
Edward II   Marlowe
Dance of Death   Strindberg
The Advertisement

Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Aldwych)
The Merry Wives of Windsor,
All's well that Ends Well.
Julius Caesar.
God Bless

Other West End Theatres
Don Giovanni;
The Real Inspector Hound;
Fiddler on the Roof;
Half Way Up A Tree;
Hadrian VII;
The Boy Friend.

Proscenium:    Marat/Sade.

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