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It was good.

Well it had to be, didn't it; that's what they have come to expect from the Salvatorian College. But we can't take all the credit; much of it must go to Mrs. Martin (Josephine), Mrs. Million, (Buttercup), and the girls from St. Dominic's who played "his sisters and his cousins and his aunts."

Some people, mainly parents, were a little disappointed that the leading male roles were not played by the boys, but, apart from the fact that more mature voices were better suited to the parts, it was more entertaining for us to see the masters on stage.

(I have never realised that Mr. Povey could dance as well as Mr. Pickles.) Of course, everyone agreed that Mr. Shovelton sang the part of Ralph superbly, but only those who heard his warming up arpeggios in the dressing room could have appreciated the full splendour of his singing.

Mr. Byrne, the musical director, auditioned the whole of the first year sixth; twenty were chosen, of whom three were given major parts. The rest joined the sailors' chorus, together with Fr. Louis and Mr. Benson, who passed as a British tar despite his American accent.

On the whole, rehearsals did not go too well. Many of the chorus had never sung four part harmony before, and were finding it rather hard going. Although the men's and girls' choruses had been rehearsing together for some time, the directors began to think, whether genuinely or just traditionally, that the production would not be ready.

Three days before the dress rehearsal, two full length runs of the opera, lasting from two o'clock until seven o'clock, were scheduled. The first run, in full costume for the first time, went so well that the second one was cancelled. At last we knew that the production would be ready in time.

At eight o'clock on the seventeenth of March, fortified by the nourishment of Brother Alphonsus's soup, we began our first night performance.

Apart from a few minor slips characteristic of a first night, the production went very well; indeed it even improved during the course of the week. (Alas, the soup did not!)

And so it was all over.

The final word must be in praise of the set, designed by Mr. Tufnell and constructed by the stage craft club.

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