Careers Convention
Throughout the week starting July 5th, a careers convention was held for the benefit of the fifth and lower sixth. The value of such a convention is in the insight it allows a young man into the future. In terms of a chosen career it may be necessary today to take certain subjects in the Sixth Form and certainly some idea of a career helps in the wide choice of subjects at this level. It is also very necessary today to weigh carefully the respective advantages of a University place, a sponsored "sandwich" course, a CNAA degree, specialised training or of beginning a professional career immediately after '0' or "A" level results. The opportunity to question speakers on what is involved in a particular occupation is, of course, invaluable, and all speakers provided instructive literature and, in several instances, slides and films.

For many of the staff it presented an opportunity for discussion with the people concerned with the boys' immediate future on leaving school, and for the speakers in turn to present the difficulties they experience with the school leaver and the qualities and abilities they sought.

In a year in which unemployment is rising and many firms are becoming increasingly cost and profit conscious, the response to our invitation to take part in the convention was extremely good and it is with deep gratitude that we record below the names of those who participated and who by their concern for the boys' future and their advice made the convention such a success. Many speakers expressed their enthusiasm and support of conventions of this type and only wished they had existed in their younger days. They further expressed their willingness to help any boy individually in pursuing a career should the need arise, as well as participating in future conventions.

Finally, a big vote of thanks to the staff for their help in the organisation of such a week and to the Kitchen staff for providing coffee, tea and biscuits.

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