Craftwork Exhibition
For the first time in at least five years, there was enough craftwork produced during the school year and it was of a high enough standard to allow an exhibition to be mounted.

Much credit for the high standard of work must go to the present Fifth Year, from which most of the large and interesting pieces of work came. Their attention to design, craft detail and finish, produced some of the best craftwork made by boys of their age - it was said by visitors - that has been seen in the district.

The general course work done by the Second and Third Year boys also helped to fill in the odd spaces and comment was heard again in praise of the high degree of craftsmanship and finish. Several Fourth Year boys deserve a special commendation for their work, but none more so than David Walsh, who supplied at least five excellent pieces of work.

Finally, many thanks to all the boys, especially those who took the trouble to return their work for showing, and thus enabled the exhibition to be the success that it was.

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