Shelter Project

True to the tradition started only a year before, the Fifth Year once again embarked on a 24 hour football marathon in the gym during the Easter break. This time, however, the efforts were not only confined to football, but included a walk of 30 miles from Windsor back to the School.

On reflection I wonder which of the two, football or the walk proved to be the most demanding? 28 boys took part in the football, 9 started on the walk - 9 completed the walk.

It would be impossible to give a really comprehensive report of all that went on in both of these activities - the walkers got lost due to the many visits they made en route to quench their thirst - but they eventually made it back to the School at 9.20 p.m. footsore and rather weary. After all, they had been walking since 8.20 a.m. and left by minibus from the School just after 7.00 a.m. It had certainly been a long day for them.

Whilst they had been slogging along, the footballers had also been hard at it since 10.00 a.m. and with 12 hours completed all were still on the field. It's a pity that no-one kept an account of how many cups of coffee were drunk or how many cigarettes were smoked as the hours slipped by, but take it from me that the total was quite considerable.

Not so difficult to keep up with were the number of goals scored - 995 being rattled in before time was called.

Then off home to rest aching legs and tired muscles but with the satisfaction of having completed the job, thereby raising money for the homeless which, after all, was the object of the exercise.

As a result of their efforts 132.59p was collected from the football and 56.26p from the walk. The following boys took part:

Football: G.Fitzgerald B.Duffy M.O'Sullivan S.Knight E.Foley F.Buckler B.Durcan K.Sherwin R.Jashieniecki P.Sheehy K.Johnson M.Hughes B.Bennett M.Scanlon G.Moran A.Philip J.Torpey K.Harding C.Grayell D.Waites P.Fry J.Ormiston D.Tann S.Napper I.Parker D.McNeillis E.Durkin.

Walk: R.Alliston J.Anderson R.Buchanan R.Carter P.Coode G.Duffy M.Murphy N.Smyth A.Street.

Some members of the Third and Fourth years also wanted to help with the project and undertook to swim 30 lengths of Highgrove Baths. This they did just before the Easter break and, as a result of their efforts, a total of 69.14p was raised.

The following took part in this effort:

M.O'Connor M.Blamey L.Piechowski R.Bowman C.Hays G.Holland B.McHale P.Kenny A.Swindells G.Richardson S.Hand J.Russell M.Staunton J.Buckler D.Coleman D.Walsh S.Blackburn.

Not to be outdone the First Year also badgered to be allowed to do something and they would not be put off. It was no use saying they were too young or too small; they refused to take no for an answer. They willingly undertook a 12 hour football game and those of us fortunate enough to be present will never forget their enthusiasm or their victory chants. It was quite an occasion. 45 took part and their efforts raised 135.92p. Their names?

A.McNulty M.McIlroy J.Duggan D.Butler M.Atkins J.Sheldon M.Quinn L.Philpot J.Carr T.Hegarty P.Kennedy Tim ... , friend of P.Kennedy - Tim came along to watch and then joined in to make up the numbers - C.Gillece V.Pitt M.Allen S.Moore T.Bielicki J.Gibbons J.Redmond D.Brown E.Dempsey J.McKeown J.Pilny P.Sinclair K.Mustoe M.Creavin K.Kilcoyne S.Rooney C.Moloney K.Devine P.Stack D.Taylor A.Dobson B.Walsh W.Leahy K.Corbett D.Casey M.Martin M.Daly M.Ryan J.O'Connor J.Norman-Taylor F.Hill J.Walton K.Higgins M.Howard.

To complete this account, it would be necessary to list those members of Staff who came in to keep an eye on things to encourage or whatever you like to call it but they would not thank me if I did so let it be enough to say "Many thanks to all'. As a result of the various activities above as well as a Lenten collection 29.90p and donations 9.00p, the project closed with the total of 434.54p being raised.

The sequel to the project was the visit to the School on July 9th of Miss Eileen Ware - the Youth Director of Shelter. The purpose of Eileen's visit was to receive the cheque for 434.54p, and it was presented to her by Kevin Mustoe and Martin Howard, on behalf of the School.

She spoke of her work at Shelter and her account was both inspiring and sad. Inspiring - in that so much was being done for homeless families - and sad - in that society permits this state of affairs to continue. When will priorities be got in the right order?

A further talk afterwards to Fifth and Sixth Form members continued the process of enlightenment and was again most instructive. It is hoped that a follow-up talk will take place some time in the new school year, and that other projects will be undertaken to further the work of Shelter.

By Louis Preston

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