After a lapse of many years "The School Choir" has been started once again by Fr. Adrian. At the moment it consists of thirty second year pupils, all volunteers who practise on Tuesdays and Thursdays during their lunch breaks.

Their first public performance was on "Speech Night" when they entertained governors, parents and Mr Cornes who was retiring after many years at the school. Since then they have sung regularly at second year masses and at the end of term.

Recently they sang at the "Requiem Mass" for Mr. J. Bacon, who was one of the first pupils to attend the Salvatorian College. Towards the end of this term, they hope to sing at Allen Hall, the Diocesan Seminary.

We wish to thanks them all, not forgetting Fr. Vianncy S.D.S. our organist. It is hoped that next year "The School Choir" will be extended to include lower voices; any boys whose voices have broken and enjoy singing please see Fr. Adrian.

Musical Note
There will be a "Musical Evening" 7.30pm.

The Musical Evening was advertised as being at 7:30pm. But what day?

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