Debating Society

The first meeting of the Society for the present academic year took place on 25th September when the motion was that 'British Troops Should Leave Northern Ireland'.

Speaking in support of the motion, Ian Teelan and Nick Callanan were victorious over Anthony Sheehan and Andel Singh by 23 votes to 18 with six abstentions. The next debate was on 16th October when the House debated the motion that "Nuclear Weapons Serve Peace rather than war". The motion was supported by Peter Wislocki and Alan Carter; opposition was provided by Andel Singh and Desmond O'Dea. The motion was defeated by 22 votes to 3 with 7 abstentions.

On 2nd November the motion was "BBC or IBA which is Better?" Speaking in support of the BBC, J. Briginshaw and Sean Tunney had a narrow victory over the opposition, Ian Teelan and Peter Wislocki, by 15 votes to 11 with 6 abstentions.

One of the most enjoyable debates of the year took place on 4th December, the motion being "This House Believes that Microprocessors should replace Teachers". Mr. Hogarth kindly agreed to appear as guest speaker on this occasion, teaming up with Peter Wislocki to oppose the motion which was proposed by Briginshaw and Casey. The Motion was heavily defeated, with 15 votes to spare.

What has become an increasingly controversial topic, was debated a week later, when the motion before the House was that "Some Police Provoke Racial Hatred". The motion was supported by Andel Singh and John O'Sullivan; opposition was provided by Darren Giddings and Chris Hill who had a decisive victory by 21 votes to 11, with 7 abstentions.

A highly entertaining 'Balloon Debate' took place on 18th December, the result of which was as follows:

1st John Mulligan Hitler
2nd   Nick Callanan Yarwood
3rd Chris Hill Chairman Mao
4th Darrin Giddings   Khomeini
5th John Harris Brearley

The first debate of 1980 considered the merits of Proportional Representation as electoral system. This was a keenly contested debate. Ian Teelan and John 0' Sullivan spoke in favour of the system while Chris Hill and John Briginshaw spoke against it. This time votes were equally divided - 13 for - 13 against with 3 abstentions. The Chairman, Neil MacManus his casting vote in favour of the system.

The next debate was "That Television is an invention to be regretted". Chris Hill and John O'Sullivan speaking in opposition to the motion had a convincing win over John Briginshaw and Ian Teelan by l3 votes to 3 with 4 abstentions.

For the second time in the course of the year Mr. Hogarth appeared as guest speaker in our next debate "THB in the Re-introduction of National Service". Once again we had a most interesting debate, with Ian Teelan and Mr. Hogarth putting forward many good points in favour of the motion which was duly carried by 14 votes to 11 with 3 abstentions at the expense of Nick Callanan and Peter Wislocki.

The year has been an eventful one as far as the Society is concerned with membership increasing to 80. It is to be hoped that this number will increase next year. We are particularly interested in recruiting more members from the 2nd and 3rd year. Anyone wishing to join the Society should contact one of the following:

Mr. P.G. Ruane President
Ian Teelan Chairman
Peter Wislocki   Secretary

John Briginshaw

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