Fr Dominic pointing!
Headmaster's Report

We bid a hearty welcome to this edition of the school magazine and hope that it is the forerunner of many more. While the age range of the contributors has been restricted, there has been no restriction on enthusiasm and we are delighted with the quantity and the quality of the offerings.
While we may not compete with the "Times" and cannot guarantee up-to-the-minute- news, we do nevertheless hope that the record of personal achievement at the school in so many different fields of activity will give pleasure to all readers - pupils, staff, parents, friends. It has been very much a D.I.Y. exercise in that all the material, all the collation, collection, composition, print-up and production has taken place at the school. I should like to thank especially Mr. Ruane and the editorial staff for the immeasurable patience that must have had to be exerted during the pregnancy of production, before this newcomer saw the light of day. May it grow into a strong, healthy standard-bearer for all the editions to follow.

Fr. Dominic

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