Th e L as t W o r d

Come in!

Pay 'eed.

I eat little boys.

The noise is mounting.

Yes, right, OK, right.

Give over, give up, give in!

Any permutation that you like.

Have you had a shower, hmmm?

Everything's going "Tickety boo".

Have I told you my "Darling" story.

You fool, gasbag and washerwoman.

Oh, fat head, you'll fail yer bloomin' 'O' level.

He said, "Go down to the water". And they did.

If you want me to teach you, you must be crazy.

There's a new game, several people's vertebrae.

Shakespeare would turn in his grave if he heard you.

Eeeee! Your concentration span is about five minutes.

Thought kissed the lampost and thought it was his wife.

Oh, you inveterate gasbag. You're like a washerwoman!

Somebody is playing a new game outside the Beacon Stores!

If there were two horses in a race you'd back the wrong one.

If you say, "I'm alright Jack", you'd better pray to Saint Jude.

I heard the most appalling noise. It was going "Ooo, oo, oooooooo!"

I'm going to cancel tomorrow if you're not careful. Right! I've cancelled it!

If I have occasion to go down to you, Callanan, you'll be going home with your eye in a sling.

Stand up the talker. I saw you! Who was it? What's 'is name? Does 'e like strawberry pie?

You will be reduced to a scorched mass of palpitating, jellified flesh, - scraped off the floor like a dollop of strawberry jam.

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