RAF Hendon

The R.A.F. Museum at Hendon covers the history of the R.A.F. from its formation in 1910, to the present day. It also illustrates the history of its predecessor, the Royal Flying Corps. Its main exhibits are its aeroplanes, over thirty of which are displayed in the Main Aircraft Hall. They range from a 1909 Bleriot, through to a modern "Lightning" of Strike Command. Included are planes from World War 1, such as the Sopwith 'Camel' and Sopwith Triplane; R.A.F. planes from between the wars, such as the Gloster Gladiator, and, especially, a large collection of World War II planes including the Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane, the Avro Lancaster and many others. There are also several modern jet fighters including the forerunner of the Hawker Harrier, the Hawker P1127.

Around the aircraft hall, and on the second floor, there are many diagrams and working displays depicting the role of the R.A.F. during the two World Wars and also during peacetime.

On the second floor there are further displays concerning different periods in the history of the R.A.F., and also an Art Gallery, in which there are paintings and sculptures depicting people and places concerned with the R.A.F.

Also there is a George Cross and Victoria Cross gallery on the second floor. In this gallery all the members of the R.A.F. who received George or Victoria Crosses for exceptional bravery are commemorated pictorially.

Everything to do with the R.A.F. is depicted in the museum; aeroplanes, bombs and weapons, uniforms, equipment and illustrations of how life was, and is, in the R.A.F.

Despite this, the museum's greatest attraction must undoubtedly be its superb collection of aircraft.

There are over thirty aircraft in the main hall; arranged in chronological order, and the museum is well worth a visit just to see the aircraft.

Admission is free, and the museum is open during the following hours:-

SUNDAY 2pm - 6pm

Ciaran Hassett 3B

Remember these museum details are from 1980!

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