1965 Intake Reunion 6 July 2022
Smugglers Tavern Warren Street, London

Supplied By Barry Lynch
1965 Intake Reunion 6 July 2022
Peter Necchi, Tony Doolan, ----, ----, Barry McGovern, Ron Hays, ----, ----, ----
Willy Fitzgerald, Barry Lynch, Colin Clubbe, Mike Devery, ----, ----, John Casey, Gerry O'Dwyer, ----
----, Alan Hudson, Gregosry Trigg, ----, Glenn Carroll, Martin Durkan, ----, ----, Steve White
Hi all, we organised a reunion on 6 July in The Smugglers Inn, Warren Street for all those who joined Salvatorian in 1965. We had a reasonable turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy it, although at our age there's always a price to pay the day after!

I’ve attached a photo taken by Steve White with participants- it’s unlikely anyone would recognise the faces but Steve has kindly added names underneath and you may remember some of the names.

As an aside the pub (staff and owner) were excellent and if anyone is thinking of organising a get together in London it would be worthwhile getting in contact with them. Regards Barry Lynch