Covent Garden
1969 - 1976 Reunion
4 May 2005

Supplied By Niall O'Boyle
... the camera phone shots I took last Wed night / Thurs morning at the Porterhouse in Covent Garden & a Chinese restaurant somewhere in London (1.30am ish - very blurry). I'm afraid the quality of most is very poor ... so over to you!

The 'reunion' was a bit of an accident really - I came to the UK to visit family and emailed some of the lads for a jar. Everyone turned up & were well & truly up for it which made it a real success. It has to be said that the social aspects of the 69 year group was never lacking in the 70's & if last Wed is anything to go by looks well set for the 00's!

Present on the night (in rough order of appearance) - John Kennedy, Pete McWeeney, Niall O'Boyle, Paul Green, Mick Regan, Steve Burfield, Steve Sparke & Dom Healy.

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