The Castle
Harrow On The Hill
15 December 2001
Following our successful "get-together" in October at Leicester Square, a local "reunion" at The Castle, Harrow On The Hill was arranged. This was not an afternoon/evening event, as before, but just for the evening and we met at 7.30 pm.
One of the regulars at the pub thought it all very amusing when a few of us first arrived asking, "Is this some sort of school reunion?" Clearly one of the sharper Harrovians out that night. We proceeded to take over one side of the back room and spent the evening reminiscing, catching up and passing "Salvo Stuff" under the table as if it were a kind of illegal merchandise!
The honour of being the person who travelled furthest to be there that evening goes to Mike O'Dea. Mike is from New Zealand and so travelled half a world to be with us which definitely put to rest any comments that The Castle was a bit awkward to get to. Well done Mike. Here are some pictures from the evening. I believe everyone appears in the photographs this time except for John Banks who arrived late on in the evening.
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