The Castle
Harrow On The Hill
8 February 2003
This was not one of our group's regular reunions but one that we were invited to take part in. The get-together was to remember Brian Durcan who died while still young. Brian was part of the 1966 intake and went on to Willesden Poly' after leaving Salvatorian College.
This evening, in memory of Brian, has been taking place since long before our group came into being. The evening is organised each year around January/February by Paul Sheehy and ex-members of Willesden Poly'. Although the evening was in memory of Brian everyone in our group was invited. Whether they were part of his year group or not, whether they remembered him or not; all were welcome.
So, each of us raised a glass to Brian and listened to other's memories of their time in his company. No doubt many had mixed feelings, however, it was a good evening - thanks to everyone who came along.
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