The Moon Under Water
Leicester Square
13 October 2001
On Saturday 13th October we had a "get-together" in "The Moon Under Water" at Leicester Square. About fifteen of us were there, we met around 1pm and stayed until early evening. Some were local but others came from further afield even Swindon and Bristol. This was our first "get-together" since the group began two years ago.
Members are spread across the world from Germany to Australia, New Zealand to Hong Kong. You may think that some were trying to put as much distance between themselves and Harrow Weald as possible! We spent an excellent afternoon sharing memories and catching up on the previous 30 or so years. It was surprising how recognisable "everyone" was - the years having being kind to us all (some more than others)!
Here are some pictures from the day, sadly the pictures were taken after some had left. Those missing from the photographs are: John Kennedy (69-76), Steve Burfield (69-74), Paul Burke (73-80) and Declan Galvin (76-81).
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