1961 School Extension Opening
Supplied By Steve Czyrko
That's Fr Martin in background.
Steve Czyrko (64 ~ 71)

The bishop sprinkling the holy water is Cardinal William Godfrey, Archbishop of Westminster. The altar server on the extreme right is, I think, Edmund Nickless (year group above mine). The wineglass-shaped microphone in the centre of the photo is part of the public address system installed for the event by Mr Sid O'Connell, Physics Teacher; there was a microphone at each location and amplifiers and speakers in the School Hall so that those in the hall could hear the ceremony as the archbishop and assistants progressed around the new building blessing it.
Peter K Grannell (56 ~ 66)

I just noticed in your picture 1 from the 1961 block opening that indeed Edmund Nickless was the server on the right; I am the server on the extreme left and Tony Clifford is the other server. Dermot Cooper (60 ~ 65)

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