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As a group of Old Salvatorians we have been together on the Internet since 11 August 1999. During the last 15 years we have had contact with approximately 450 "Old Boys" and currently have almost 200 members. Our members have organised many reunions, some for the whole group whilst many smaller groups within our main group have made their own arrangements for meeting-up with old school friends. We have met up in places as far afield as Sydney, Australia as well as more local venues in Harrow and London.

We have a qualifier at the bottom of our main pages (see below) stating that we are not in any way an official representation for the "Official" association of ex-pupils of Salvatorian College neither are we supported by the school.

The "Official" association's website bills itself as the "Official and Only Website of the ... Association" - very true. But not the only website representing "Official" old boys of Salvatorian College - OldSalvos! We have been instructed by the "Official" association not to make a link to their website from ours therefore the URL cannot be displayed here. However, you may find it, buried deep within the search results of any Internet Search Engine.

Our site aims to reflect the true and honest reminiscences of those in our group. We acknowledge that many of our memories have been coloured by the passing of time. At the same time we endeavour to resist the temptation to view our experiences through rose-tinted-spectacles or to exaggerate the more traumatic recollections. This has been the motivation of some to reject our efforts at producing a genuine Website with memories of real events.

Please remember as you enjoy the Form and School Photographs, "The Salvatorian" yearly magazines and our honest recollections that while our site may be "Unofficial", we and our experiences are not. This website has been built on the contributions of Official OldSalvos!

David J Turner (1966-1971)

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