Ballroom Dancing

I remember CFT productions of Adventure Story, A Man for All Seasons, Macbeth, and the Royal Hunt of the Sun. There was also the famous Pirates of Penzance, the first time the Sacred Heart and Salvo ever had a combined production. Sister Frinton finally succumbing to the inevitable. That led on to ballroom dancing lessons!!!
(Louis Robinson 62-67)

Ah yes. My first foray into ballroom dancing. Another "fond" memory.

Me and the majority of my contemporaries were introduced into the glamorous world of ballroom dancing by Mr "Mackay" Montgomery. Our entire year had been summoned to the main hall one lunch time, and were no doubt anticipating the usual indiscriminate rollicking over some trivial matter. Instead the smiling Monty had a golden opportunity to offer us. "The girls across the road want to learn ballroom dancing. And you boys are going to help them learn. Now get over there pronto". Who could refuse such an offer?

Unfortunately I can't recall many of us having much aptitude for it, and our "enthusiasm" rapidly waned over a few weeks, especially when we cottoned on that our attendance wasn't being monitored. Perhaps some have fonder memories.
(Vincent Bull 73-80)

Yes, I vaguely remember something about learning ballroom dancing with the boys across the road ... However, I have no recollection of actually partaking. If my memory serves me correctly, the boys in your year, would have been considerably shorter than us. We girls seemed to "sprout" earlier. I wonder how they partnered each other up...if it was according to size, or what? Anyway, I just don't remember the classes ever taking place. Was it in the lunch hour? Also, did we do some Morris Dancing (or something equally awful...) display for the parents, one time? I seem to recall some hideously, embarrassing event, I was forced to attend that included white aertex gym blouses and short blue skirts that we had to sew braid or ribbon on and then prance around making complete fools of ourselves.
(Jean Waites 73-78)

I remember ballroom dancing as being introduced as a getting to know you exercise in the run up to the transfer to St. Dominic's. The boys were told originally that it was compulsory and we all trouped over en-masse to the gym hall in the SH. This was a lunchtime activity. I have to admit the lessons have stood me in good stead over the years; I did actually learn a few steps and moves. The lessons petered out after about 6 weeks when the boys realised that it was not compulsory after all and we all returned to our various hidey holes (smokers' corner, football games or Bayross' Bridge club).
(Peter Horne 73-80)

I guess the reason I don't remember getting to ballroom dance with any of the Salvo boys, has been explained. I didn't go on to the 6th form. As soon as it was legally possible, I was out of the Sacred Heart (.. as fast as my legs could carry me!!!) to the relief of the teachers, I'm sure. I'm so sorry I missed it. Sounds like it could have been fun.
(Jean Waites 73-78)

PH's right about ballroom dancing being a "getting to know you" exercise. Thing is, most of us had already "got to know" some of the girls from Sacred Heart through a rather more intimate form of dancing at the Salvo discos. The classes were taken by a teacher called Miss Burt and I remember a few of us cowering at the thought of partnering a big scary ginger called Katherine McBain otherwise known as "The Beast".
(Paul Burke 73-80)

Oh yes I remember Ballroom Dancing. My partner was PR. MA partnered KL (a partnership which turned to romance. Picture two 15 year olds gazing lovingly into each others eyes whilst thumping through a cha-cha-cha) I just remember giggling a lot. I'm sure you did go too JW.
(Colette Bowker 73-78)

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